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Combined transportation

Combined transportation

Combined transportation is a multimodal shipment service with different modes of transport using maximum advantages of each of them. The choice of the transporting mode on the first road section is defined not only with the geographic location of the destination point but also with many other factors.

In particular, working out the shipment rout our experts consider the size and characteristics of cargoes, the practicability, cost and possibility of the most efficient usage of various modes of transportation. Both the combined and individual approaches to every Client allow making haulage services much cheaper, and a flexible rout planning system saves time.

Express Logistics Company renders services of combined transportation of all cargo types including bulky ones. We widely use various modes of transport and that guarantees qualitative shipment of the cargo to any destination point worldwide. Our experts will strictly follow the customer wishes and help him choose the optimum shipment rout as well as all necessary transportation modes; therewith the company guarantees the commodity entity and safety. It's worth saying that we not only insure risks and underwrite cargoes, but also draw up all necessary customs documents. If necessary we perform loading and unloading, and render transshipment and palletizing services as well.

The combined transportation with Express Logistics means quality, reliability and safety of Your commodities regardless of the rout complexity and specific characteristics of the cargoes.